Using minimalism to highlight the beauty of natural landscapes

Minimalism is a popular trend in design, music, and visual art. You can’t go anywhere without seeing minimalistic elements; logos, ads, websites, apps. Recently, photographers and architects got inspired by minimalism and applied it to their works.

These wonderful minimalistic landscapes are taken by Bleron Çaka, a talented self-taught photographer, drone pilot, and outdoor enthusiast from the Republic of Kosovo.

FIG 1: minimalistic snowy photography by Bleron Çaka
FIG 2: minimalistic mountain photography by Bleron Çaka
FIG 3: minimalistic snowy trail by Bleron Çaka

Bleron Çaka’s minimalistic photography feels simple, calm, with no visual noise, giving viewers a new perspective to these landscapes.

Other photographers also applied minimalism to urban sceneries.

FIG 4: Storebelt by Bjørgulf Brevik.
FIG 5: La Vie En Rose by Jaime Viñas

Shanghai-based design studio Wei Yi International Design Associates designed a minimalistic apartment in Taipei that is surrounded by natural landscape.

The design project named Blue Eye lies between Tamsui River and the mountainous Yangmingshan National Park, the area, despite its urban character, is blessed with natural landmarks including an adjacent mangrove forest and wetlands reserve.

FIG 6: outside view from Project Blue Eye by Wei Yi International Design Associates
FIG 7: coffee table inside Project Blue Eye by Wei Yi International Design Associates

From these beautiful minimalistic works, we can see that minimalism is a great way to show off beauty of landscapes by removing visual distractions from the view. Truly less is more.


Taipei Blue Eye

Bleron Çaka photography

Brevik and Viñas photography